HexAPI Parser Page

If you're here, you're probably interested in my Hex API Parser. I've got binaries for Windows (32-Bit and 64-bit) and OS X (here). I've also got the source code on my github page as a part of my "fooling around with Go" repository. The source code is here.

I do my development on a Mac, so the OS X version should run as expected. For the Windows version, I do cursory checks to make sure it runs, but nothing extensive. If that's not the case, let me know what specific problems you're encountering and I'll do my best to look into it.

You'll need to set up your Hex Client to forward on API requests as detailed in this thread. What you'll specifically need to put into the api.ini file is the following:|All
Once that's done, you'll run the hexapi program you downloaded from the links above in either a cmd.exe window (for Windows) or Terminal window (for OS X).


If you're up for trying it out and giving feedback, feel free! And, if you're wondering why, when you're playing against me in a draft, that the signals are all verkakte, this is why :-)

Change Log

This is a summarized list of changes between the different versions. For all changes, go to the github logs.
Added valuation on SaveDeck events
Added stubb handling of SaveTalents and Ladder messages
Print out information based on Tournament messages
Updated to handle new Hex Accepts requests
Added better duplicate message detection
Added in reporting of wheel percentage changes during drafts
Updated to handle new Collection API format
Updated ot handle new Inventory API messages
Added recognition of EA cards
Added additional fields in collection cache and CSV files for EA cards
Now uses external API for retrieving card names if they are not in the Auction House results
Modified when duplicate messages are ignored.
Adding rarity to DraftPack information and changing formatting so prices will line up
Sorting DraftPack information from highest rarity to lowest (to mirror sorting change in game)
Added in gold value tracking for draft value
Added some additional debugging options (ability to dump card collection by doing a POST to http://localhost:5000/dump)
Fixed a bug with AA cards showing up improperly when no recent auctions were reported
Filtering out bogus UUIDs in collectionEvent handling 
Using JSON data file for pricing data
Bumped version to account for 0.6 unintentionally getting out earlier than intended.
Added more output to Draft Pack contents to give count, plat and gold value for those (and not just the "best" in each category)
Fixed bug with calculating session value for draft sessions
Updated to account for 17 card packs (up from 15 card packs). 
Added additional logging for debugging purposes.
Added option to print collection value.
Added better handling of issues where card is not listed in price download (such as 'Night of Bells' was after initially being released)
This version and earlier do not have Change Log data separate from the github repository
Legal stuff: This is all my code. Feel free to use the programs, but do not take my code without talking to me. I'm nice and we may be able to make a deal. If you use the programs provided or compile the code on your own and run the program, you do so at your own risk. I do not believe any problems will happen, but want to be explicit that no warranty, express or implied, is provided and any use is at your own risk. Also, I write and maintain this program in my free time (of which there is precious little). If something's broken, I'll try to fix it when I can. Encouragement (in the form of gold, plat or sending cards missing from my collection to my IGN of 'Dylan') will help motivate me to work on features and fixes, but this is a side project. Please set your expectations appropriately regarding action on any feedback that is provided.