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Reginald Imprisoned Image File Unavailable - /images/dacf5a9d-4240-4634-8043-2531365edd83/97a6456a-782f-48e7-912c-880fd9029bc5.png
Cost: 0
Threshold: 1 Ruby


Artist: Xia Taptara

Effects Text:

When this enters your hand or crypt, void this. Trigger encounter conversation 2ed7e3de-c6cf-4dc1-9d0f-ab4323fbc870. You transform into Shin'gami. Your health becomes 25. You gain 3 charges. Put your deck into your crypt. Summon five Shin'hare Jailors. Put five random cards from your crypt into your deck. They get "When this enters your crypt from a deck, put this into your deck." Each opposing champion creates Reginald Unchained and puts them into their hand.

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