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Worm Caller Image File Unavailable - /images/d8ee3b8d-d4b7-4997-bbb3-f00658dbf303/02a91b63-58d9-431a-a570-ae91a3fabfa8.png
Cost: 5
Threshold: 1 Ruby
Dwarf, Warlock


Artist: Jon Buran

Effects Text:

[BASIC] [RUBY]: [(2)] [ARROWR] Tunneling 4.

Deploy - Create a Wormoid Hydra and put it underground.

ATK: 3 - Health: 4
"Getting them to show up is easy. Pointing them in the right direction is the tricky part!"
Related PVE Equipment
Name: Worm Hide HandlersSlot:
Your Worm Callers have, "Then, add one tunneling counter to underground troops you control."
Name: Worm WhistleSlot:
Your Worm Callers have, "Tunneling -1."
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