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Spirit of Kazraga Image File Unavailable - /images/def91e9f-e888-49b7-818c-ba27ba16c9d3/26fa3969-3569-442e-b1ca-f95841cfea9a.png
Cost: 4
Threshold: 1 Diamond
Gnoll Spirit


Artist: Tomasz Jedruszek

Effects Text:


When an opposing troop with [ATK] 4 or more attacks, Verdict.

ATK: 3 - Health: 3
"Treacherous curs! You won't be rid of me that easily."
Related PVE Equipment
Name: Handwraps of King KagrazaSlot:
Your Spirits of Kazraga instead have, "When an opposing troop attacks, Verdict."
Name: Idol of KazragaSlot:
Your Spirits of Kazraga have, "Deploy - Verdict."
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