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Horrorcrafted Behemoth
Cost: 7
Threshold: 2 Ruby
Zombie Giant


Artist: Nicholas Gregory

Effects Text:


This is not healed at the end of each turn.

Deathcry - This deals 6 damage to each troop. Add three burning counters to each opposing champion.

ATK: 6 - Health: 11
"Be a buddy and bear the brunt of a brutal beating from my behemoth!" -Lukaz
Related PVE Equipment
Name: Breastplate of the BehemothSlot:
Your Horrorcrafted Behemoths have, "Opposing troops must block this if able."
Name: Giant's VisageSlot:
Your Horrorcrafted Behemoths have, "[BASIC], While this is in your crypt: Sacrifice three artifacts or troops [ARROWR] Put this into play."
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