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Brittle Aegilus
Cost: 7
Threshold: 2 Diamond
Elemental Incarnation


Artist: Hai Hoang

Effects Text:


You and your other cards have Invincible.

ATK: 8 - Health: 1
"A shattered shield is better than a shattered skull." - Hogarth

Rampaging Tarasque
Cost: 5
Threshold: 5 Ruby
Avatar of Destruction


Set: Shards of Fate
Artist: Thomas M Baxa

Effects Text:

Crush, Speed

ATK: 8 - Health: 1
Vuul is the Primal of Destruction. His avatars are magnificent exemplars capable of utter devastation.
Related PVE Equipment
Name: Juggernaut RingSlot:
Your Rampaging Tarasques have, "Deploy - Opposing troops with [ATK] 1 or less get "This can't block" this turn."
Name: Breastplate of PulverizingSlot:
Your Rampaging Tarasques have, "Deathcry - You may pay 8 health. If you do, put this into your hand."
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